The Optimist Project • “When business and values meet”

The Optimist Project | 077-670-7600 | Entrepreneurship-Business-Society ** One of the blessed projects that we have been privileged to accompany and be founding partners from the establishment stage to the present is a unique business-social venture of its kind in Israel, called Optimist – Branding and business marketing, combined with service providers with disabilities, which was established in 2016 by two social entrepreneurs, Sharel Vaknin and Avihai Draynof, from the personal experiences of the entrepreneurs who were both injured during their combat service. The dream of Sharel and Avihai is to hire 150 employees within 5 years, 80% of whom are working with disabilities. We will continue to accompany them and help dream come true implemented in practice at the reality. The social vision of the project is to create jobs for people with disabilities who want to integrate into the labor market and to derive from their professional abilities more, while providing professional service to businesses and regardless of the other colleagues in the industry. In order to enable people with disabilities to work in a professional and family spirit in the company and to produce quality products, the company adapts them to the space and gives them the right tools necessary for success. Today, the Optimist Project provides solutions in a variety of areas, from building websites and landing pages, graphic design to print and digital, managing social networks, setting up marketing campaigns, promotional products and more. All the services are provided at the highest level, and as of today, the Optimist Revolution is growing every day and is gaining momentum throughout the country. The company currently has a number of regular customers and new / growing customers who grow from day to day. The entrepreneurs believe that disability is a challenge and that in the right environment and with the right tools, both managers and employees can express their professional abilities and talents, produce quality and unique products and receive appropriate compensation. The motto of the project is: “When business and values meet.” You are invited to call and make an appointment: 077-670-7600 — For a free consultation call: 050-8336107 | 1-700-555-990 סטודיו לעיצוב SHARE WOOD Studios SHARE WOOD Projects SHARE WOOD Labs

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