Moda Ani – Hillel Band

A music-band of women stars coming up from Samaria
The Hillel band is a group of girls composed of women from Samaria. They recently released a new video called “Moda I” in a new and exciting adaptation of Omar Adam’s original song.
The band was founded in 2006 by Naomi and Sarah (who are also members of the band), by Merav Brenner and in cooperation with the Shomron Community Center.
The band has 15 women, whose sole purpose is to happy and excited the audience. Recently, and after a lot of hard professional work, an exciting performance has been formed that includes songs, dances and personal stories of some of the band members.
After the performance, the warm reactions do their part, everyone is excited, the women’s community comes out strong and the band members receive great satisfaction.
All of this magical ensemble operates with great devotion and manages the band Meirav Brenner.

“Everyone has so much to thank,” they say in the Hillel band. “…thank God for every moment of our lives and of course the possibility of singing, performing and elevating women and girls through our exciting stories and poetry.”

You are invited and invited to watch the video and get excited.
Lyrics: Avi Ohayon Music: Asaf Tzruya


Credits: אגף ישובים ומתנ”ס שומרון מועצה אזורית שומרון להקת הלל להקת הלל נשות השומרון מרב ברנר

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