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Do you think that Jedi training is hard?
Try to qualify people in AI Deep Learning in only five weeks!

The work of an algorithmic developer carries great excitement.
It begins with a gaping look at product managers who ask for “Mission Impossible”, through the experience of revelation when innovative ideas come up, dealing with late hour faults, and the surrounding excitement when you see your own creation in action.

When Axon began the “Future Learning” course, we were a bit hesitant.
Is it really possible to qualify people in the cutting-edge technology of AI Deep Learning in only five weeks when some did not write a single line of code in Python in their life?

I have now been given a one-time opportunity to observe the emerging algorithmists! This is undoubtedly a tremendous challenge.
During the first week, you mostly stand amazed, looking from the sidelines, how the dialog on the first day about for loops, turns to a discussion about OOP programming methodology, followed by SOLID lectures.

On the second week, the real magic occurred. We dealt with Image Processing while learning content from six advanced courses in the field.
During this week we reviewed many topics, ranging from 2D-Fourier Transform and Convolution to Segmentation, homography using RANSAC to panorama creation, and various tracking algorithms.

To explain the process we have been through this week I will tell you this —
A lecture was given by one of the company’s algorithmic experts about a project that was implemented in our work.
The project included the implementation of the Bokeh algorithm, which was built entirely from the most basic building blocks in image processing and required for real-time running.

The participants in the course are all powerful researchers and programmers, but without any background in image processing in general and working in the OpenCV environment in particular. Thanks to the tools they received in the course, all the students fulfilled this task within only one day!

 Give it up for our future learning team!
We have just opened this unique course that allows talented Israelis for the first time to enter one of the highest demand professions – Machine & Deep Learning
These people were carefully selected – doctoral students, masters, and highly qualified developers
Stay tuned for more videos of the team and the project leaders
See You Soon

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Next week is a preparation for entering the world of Machine Learning and includes working with Data-sets using advanced Signal and Image Processing techniques.

Our hope is that it will serve them as a good base for the Deep Learning world that is waiting around the corner, in which we will learn and implement projects on the technological and academic front.

To conclude I got to say, as the man in-charge of this training, I work closely with the best and most talented researchers and engineers of the next generation.
Knowing that we had acquired a solid foundation for their training filled me with pride, satisfaction and joy.

The author is an algorithmist in Axon Vision

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