On the Roof of the World

The spread of the Israeli flag on the roof of the President’s Residence | AM ISRAEL CHAI! The people of israel live! ** In honor of Israel’s 70th Independence Day, a huge flag was spread on the roof of the President’s residence in Jerusalem. The deployment was carried out in a special operation of the IDF’s 9900 satellite unit with the help of abseiling experts and textile manufacturers who manufactured it. The process was recorded from the Israeli satellite in space. The flag was deployed on a surface area of ​​about 1,500 square meters and weighs about 270 kilograms. It is manufactured in a special printing press in a factory in the Krayot area, and its production process takes about 10 working days of sewing, printing and soldering, from a sunny grid. The way it was raised to the roof of the Mishkan was made with unique cranes, because the roof was about ten meters high. The entry of the flag into the building of the Mishkan required a strict security check on the scanner, and since the flag could not enter the machine because of its size, the security guards had to dismantle it and even close the road for a few minutes to rule out security threats. In order to record the deployment of the flag, special riders were recruited who were allowed to fly, unusually, over the sterile area, which was usually closed for security reasons. The IDF’s special satellite unit 9900 was enlisted to help with the mission. “We wanted to create this unique flag, viewed through the satellite from every point and angle, as an expression of pride and joy in this special time, the seventieth year of Israel, which fills Israeli pride with years of creativity and activity in all fields. We are very grateful to all the organizations who have helped us in this complex operation that required initiative and creativity alongside security and safety solutions, and we hope that it will expand the hearts of many Israelis and Jews in Israel and around the world. ” The flag will remain on the rooftop of the President’s residence until Jerusalem Day and during the historic Mets of Independence Day, and will serve as a salute to the entire Presidential Security Forces in the 70s. TO THE VIDEO Credits: Reuven Ruvi Rivlin – ראובן רובי ריבלין צה”ל – צבא ההגנה לישראל

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