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Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, or the man of the future, Elon Musk *** Eilon Masak, the world’s most admired entrepreneur and billionaire, has managed to sell his dreams to investors who want to buy his future fantasies, such as green energy, autonomous cars and human settlements on Mars. Not everyone knows but behind his futuristic developments he has little acrobatics which includes interest transactions, government subsidies, and some of the companies he owns have been losing money for years. ** Elon Reeve Musk was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, to a Christian family of European origin. His father is also a South African and an electromechanical engineer by profession. His mother was born in Canada and worked as a dietician and model. In 1980 his parents divorced, and then lived mainly with his father in South Africa. At the age of 10, Musk received his first computer and learned to program on his own. At the age of 12 he wrote code for the software he developed for a video game called Blastar and sold it for $500. He completed his high school studies at the Pretoria Boys High School and in 1988, when he was 17, left home to avoid military service in the South African army. In 1989 he emigrated to Canada, where his mother had relatives and worked there in his cousin’s wheat farm. Later he moved to Toronto and worked there in the computer department of the bank. After graduating from high school in 1992, he left Canada for the United States to study at the University of Pennsylvania where he completed his first two degrees in economics and physics. In 1995, Musk began studying physics and materials science at Stanford University. But only two days later he left school and joined his brother, Kimball Musk, with Zip2, which provided software for publishing content to new organizations. In 1999, Alta Vista acquired Zip2 for $307m and $34m for options. Masak is an American-Canadian entrepreneur, engineer and philanthropist, founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, Boring Company and SpaceEx. His fortune is estimated at $20.1bn and he lives in Bel Air, Los Angeles. ** Musk is a world-class technological genius who promises humanity a better future. Over the years he has adopted a community of believers who admire him and one time he came to launch Tesla’s new plant in Nevada, one of the people in the audience called out to him “We believe! We believe! Save the world!”. The institutional investors of his Tesla company are also devout evangelicals of Minsk. Ronald Baron, founder of Baron Capital, which holds $300m worth of Tesla shares, was initially skeptical about the Tesla-Solar-City deal, but after consulting and consulting with the rest of the board, he was convinced. “I love the guy, he’s completely focused and he’s already achieved what most people said you can not do,” he said. Compared to investors like Baron, there are those who think differently. About one-third of Tesla’s shares are held by the public and nearly half of those of Solar-City are short-listed, that is, by investors betting against companies. One of these short-term investors is the well-known investor Jim Kanos, founder and president of the Kenikos hedge fund, who called the Tesla-Solar City deal “a disgraceful example of corporate governance in its worst form.” In the American economic press, too, disillusionment arose and the possibility that Mask’s genius was more in his financial acrobatics than in his vision of regular flights and colonies of humans on Mars. Only time will tell whether Musk really has a real vision that will lead humanity to a better future, or a financier who, in a well-polished marketing job, has managed to create an image and public relations that have not yet been seen. ** In the course of his career, he established several successful technology companies, but management disputes always hovered over them. In recent years, Musk has established the three companies he is currently involved in: SpaceX, which launches satellites and spacecraft with space-based missiles, and plans to send people to Mars and set up residential colonies for humans. Musk’s forecast is that the first unmanned flight will go to Mars in 2022 and two years later the first manned flight will leave. At the same time as SpaceX, Musk established Tesla, the desirable electric car company due to their wonderful design, which at a price of $100,000m left them as a product for millionaires only. However, the next model of Tesla should cost only $35,000. Along with Tesla, Musk established Solar City, which is run by his cousins, Lyndon and Peter Reeve, and is the second largest supplier of solar and commercial solar power systems in the United States. ** Behind every story of a successful company have a story about a genius entrepreneur who develops brilliant solutions that will make the world a better place. Musk does not work for the money that he has already made to his home. Musk has a vision to save the world through the development of Tesla and Solar-City, but if their solutions fail, there will always be an alternative plan to board a SpaceX spacecraft and migrate to the tram city he plans to build on Mars, the first colony for humans. Musk is a visionary who knows how to sell it reliably and convincingly. He has been a big man who has done it a few times and is worth more than $12bn, a rich life in Bel Air built with a mix of autonomous cars, spaceships, luxury, marriage and divorce, paternity for five young boys and connections with The most powerful and important people in the United States. He has received dozens of awards and awards, most notably innovation awards, and is among the most influential lists of CEOs in the world, with the Royal Association of Aeronautics giving him the highest award and calling him the business man of the year, a legendary legend in aviation and the legendary leader. One of them from Yale University in recognition of his rare talent of imagining the impossible and making it happen. Musk has an exceptional talent to sell his vision and he makes it far superior to selling cars. It creates a buzz that makes people’s imagination work for him. There are some people who call Masak a genius in exploiting the opportunities of subsidy programs, one that knows how to track rents and earn massive profits from government largesse. There is no doubt that Musk is considered a visionary genius and one who does everything in order that his image will remain present, for that is the key to everything. Musk should continue to imbue his image as a powerful and innovative magician and prevent any difficulties in Solar City that could destroy the good image he built with his own hands. ** On 06/02/2018, the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy missile to Mars and Eilon Mask took another victory on the way to fulfilling its vision of manned mission to Mars over the next 5 years. At first the launch was scheduled for 20:30 (Israel time), but was then postponed to 21:40 and then at 22:05, apparently due to strong winds. In the end, the rocket was launched at 22:45 and a few minutes after the launch. The two accelerators landed vertically on the landing surface. The only charge carried by SpaceX’s spacecraft was a red car made by Tesla, the electric car manufacturer it owns. In the driver’s seat of the open car is a doll dressed in a space suit that is to be used by the astronauts on Mars. The spacecraft was supposed to enter the orbit between the sun and the planet Mars, but the missile missed the original target and now the Tesla and the Star-Man make their way to an asteroid band between Mars and the planet Jupiter. As a result, it is not quite clear what will happen to the vehicle, because the missile was supposed to reach the orbit around the Sun, within the range that would allow it to travel in space between the Sun and Mars. Now he will float for months in the deep space until he meets the asteroid belt and will probably find his end soon because of the strong radiation in space. NASA scientists believe mankind does not yet have enough knowledge to send humans safely to Mars, but Mr Musk is not ready to wait and is determined to turn mankind into a race that controls the entire galaxy, saving its extinction if a disaster occurs that could destroy the planet. “We could reach the moon and have nothing against it, but Mars is more suitable for the establishment of a population that can be independent,” Musk explained. “If we can heat Mars, we can again get a less sparse atmosphere and oceans in a liquid state.” ** SpaceX is the only private company to launch cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. Soon it will also take astronauts to the station, which is now arriving only through the Soyuz Russian spacecraft. Recently, Musk presented his own vision, step by step, from taking off from Earth to landing on Mars, including building the colony on the ground. “Five people can be crammed into any spacecraft, but we’ll be satisfied with three,” said Musk. According to the plan, in the beginning they will build the city in an area connected by the tunnels and at the same time will build a solar power station and gradually begin to produce oxygen from the water. Musk published a video of the launch of the Tesla that he owns, including a doll dressed in astronaut clothes, but warned several times that the missile might explode. In his astrological account he wrote: “If the rocket does not explode into tiny pieces, it will take ‘Space-Man’ Tesla-Roadster to over 400 million kilometers from Earth at a speed of 11 kilometers per second, . According to Musk, the car will play nonstop David Bowie’s Space Oddity song. After the historic launch, he said: “I was sure we would not succeed.” The launch was carried out with the Falcon Heavy missile, which is three times larger than the Falcon 9, used by the company to launch satellites and transport supplies to the International Space Station. The giant rocket was built specifically for a space vehicle designed to reach the Moon or Mars, as well as large satellites that would orbit the Earth. The Falcon 9 has a single booster while the big missile has three boosters at its base, with 27 engines. However, the new large missile is not the largest built to date. The world record still belongs to NASA’s Saturn 5, which was used in the late 1960s and early 1970s. For tracking: TO THE VIDEO Credits: Tesla Gigafactory Elon Reeve Musk ElonMusk SpaceX SpaceX NASA’s Kennedy Space Center International Space Station Elon Musk

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