A legacy of Israeli innovation

The torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Hertzel

Celebrations of celebrations for Israel’s 70th Independence Day were opened on Wednesday at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel were held at the State Torch Lighting Ceremony in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Yizkor “commemorating Memorial Day, and then the Israeli flag was raised at the head of the mast and officially began the celebrations of Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

This year, for the first time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lit a torch at the ceremony. The prime minister’s speech, which lasted about 14 minutes, was “all the ancient peoples who were exiled from their country disappeared,” said the prime minister. “Only we, the Jewish people, who were like a leaf in the storm of exile, . We dreamed of returning to Jerusalem and Zion, we had a strong race and branches, in our land, the Land of Israel. “

PM Netanyahu thanked the United States President Donald Trump: “We all value the strong alliance with the United States and welcome President Trump’s historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as our country and transfer the embassy there.”

In his speech, the Prime Minister elaborated on the admiration of various countries and the Indian people for Israel, the same admiration he had observed during his visit to the country. “A deep admiration for Israel is finally seeping into another important place – to the Arab states, and here I believe that there are real seeds for peace, and our hands are extended to all our neighbors who want peace, and to our enemies who think we are a passing phenomenon. This is just the beginning, and Menorah Israel will shine forever. “

The Prime Minister wrote to the citizens of Israel: “The citizens of Israel, even today, there is someone who wants to turn off the lamp, to extinguish the light that emanates from Zion … I assure you that it will not happen, He did not shy away from the declaration even when he knew that it involved a difficult war against those who wanted to prevent our state, and today we are not deterred by the struggle. “


Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein lit a torch on behalf of the Knesset and addressed the ongoing disagreements in Israeli society and devoted his words to unity among the nation and did not relate to the tension between him and Culture Minister Miri Regev: “Together we grew up together, And together we raise today engineered cherry tomatoes. Together we fought once with our hands Dukda and Uzi and together we fight today with an Iron Dome spread over us. Together we have developed a democratic oasis in Israel and together we have transformed our tiny country into a global technological power that justice and ethics lead. “

In his speech, Edelstein addressed the variety of citizens in Israel and said that in his eyes the connections between them are the secret of Israeli magic. “The connections between the head covering and the cap, between the guardians of the walls and the borderbreakers, between those who live in the world of Sabra, and those who live in a cyber world, between the generation of flowers and the generation of screens.” “Connections, that’s the secret of Israeli magic, diversity is the source of our power, and among all of us, all of us, our society is growing and rising like a wonderful mosaic of tribes and colors, beliefs and opinions, countries of origin and way of life. We hope that we will continue to be people who insist on their principles, but always with listening and respectful discourse. With this whole heart, the walls will be knocked down and the Israeli wonder will continue, and then we can all go on singing together E. Together we shall succeed. Happy Independence Day. “

“Instead of dreaming about a shared Israeli space, we sometimes choose to adopt the slogan: ‘Israel is your man,’ I hope and hope that we will continue to be people who insist on their principles, but always with listening and respectful discourse.” In honor of our 70th Independence Day, I have a suggestion for a new slogan in the spirit of innovation: “What is your goodness, O Jacob, your dwelling place, Israel.” What good is it, our shared cultural and spiritual treasures that gathered here from the four corners of the earth, our different faces? Together Hallelujah. “

The torch was crowned by Edelstein in honor of the generation of founders who settled in cities, tents, transit camps and development towns, “who, with their bare hands, made the unbelievable – for the obvious,” as well as Jerusalem, the Knesset, the Israel Defense Forces and all the security forces. And missing persons.


Subject ceremony this year was marked by “legacy of innovation” and the following is a list torchlighters: Shlomo Artzi, Major General (Ret) Isaiah (Shaikeh) crystal, Rachel Ganot, Noam Gershuni, Margalit Zinati, Sheikh Muafeq Tarif, Prof. Marcel passage, Prof. Aviezri Fraenkel, Lea Koenig, wolf profit, Dr. Avshalom Kor, May Korman, Ruth Cahanov – representative of the Center for aid and International cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lt. Col. Roy Levy – nut unit commander and army representative.

Color Guard of the IDF and the Knesset Guard soldiers marched and joined at a particularly complex artistic program. Lt. Shimon Dery ordered a second consecutive year on the torch ceremony, after last year replaces, Colonel David bailing after 34 years in charge The ceremony was led by Superintendent Shmuel Tzabari, for the twelfth time. The last of the marchers was Sergeant Major General (res.) Yosef Shabat, who has been marching for 39 years.


The event is being produced by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Information Center. “This evening, which for the first time celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Independence Day beacon ceremony, will raise a spectacular stage performance in honor of the seventieth anniversary of Israel’s independence,” the Ministry of Information emphasized. “Next to him will be twelve torches in front of the grave of the visionary Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl, against the twelve tribes of Israel.”

Shortly before the ceremony, US President Donald Trump congratulated the State of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu on Independence Day. “We have no better friends anywhere,” he tweeted on Twitter. “We expect to transfer our embassy to Jerusalem next month!”


The audience’s entry into the event began at 17:00 and at 19:30 the preparations for the ceremony were at its height and included instructions for the audience. After the entrance of the Knesset Guard and the entourage of honor, the Yizkor prayer was recited. Later Sarit Hadad’s performance was carried out, the flag of the state was raised and the Sinai Revelation and the play of additional moments from the history of the Jewish people and the State of Israel began. Later, Knesset Speaker Yoel (Ed.) Edelstein spoke and the beacon was lit on behalf of the Government of Israel by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the rest of the torahs after the 12 tribes of Israel.

The ceremony included, for the first time, a quadcopters spectacular performance by Intel. The show took about five minutes and also marked Intel’s 50th anniversary. As part of the performance, the quadcopters performed forms and symbols related to Israel on the song “Who Likes You More Than Me” by singer Elena Elena. Intel said it had 300 shooting stars developed specifically for entertainment light shows and the riders equipped with LED lights capable of producing four billion color combinations.

Each quadcopters weighs about 330 grams and takes off as part of the show to an average height of 122 meters (400 feet). The quadocopters in the show were controlled by a single operator. The unique technology of the quadcopter and the software that controls them has made it possible to create three-dimensional shapes and symbols in the sky.


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