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The 70th World Bible Contest for the State of Israel

Four Israelis are all in the first place in the World Bible Contest for Youth.

In the state education system Irad Herman, a high school student together with Modi’in, a resident of Modi’in, won first place. His deputy is Ofek Avraham, an ORT student in Ma’aleh Tiberias, a resident of Tiberias. In the state religious education system, Azriel Shilat, a Yeshiva student for Shomria, a resident of Hatzor Haglilit, won first place. His deputy is Oriya Cohen, a student of Ulpanat Segula Kiryat Motzkin, a resident of Kiryat Shmuel. The four will enter the World Bible Contest for Youth and will compete for a place in the Bible Quiz on Independence Day.


The winner of the 2009 World Bible Contest for Jewish Youth is Azriel Shilat of Hatzor Haglilit. Shilat, 17, is the eldest of 10 siblings. He is a student at the Shomria yeshiva, which won the first place in the national quiz for state-religious schools last month. Shilat beat Oriya Cohen of the “Segula” Kiryat Motzkin, who was also the deputy in the national quiz. In third place, Ofek Avraham won from ORT in Tiberias, followed by Irad Hermann from Yachad School in Modi’in, who won the national quiz for state schools.

“I am very excited, I did not believe I would be a Bible quiz,” Shilat said, adding that he began to prepare about six months ago. For those who want to cope, I say never give up and even when you can not continue. “His grandfather, Meir Liebman, added,” The feeling is wonderful, he is very pleased, he invested a lot in this, he knows the entire Bible by heart. “

Cohen, who came in second place, says, “I feel great, I’m not disappointed, because no one can take away the Bible I know. Unfortunately, in the State of Israel, and especially in secular education, there are not enough Bible hours, you have to feel the Bible. “


This year’s event was led by Dr. Avshalom Kor, who was only one of the torchbearers yesterday, and was present at the Jerusalem Theater in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky. Seventy years of the State of Israel and the final stage were four contestants from Israel, three from the United States, three from Mexico, two from South Africa, two from Australia, one from Panama and one from Argentina. Among the contenders were two brothers: Yosef Dov and Ruchama Katz of South Africa.

After the prime minister’s question was raised, Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The sword is us, the Jewish people, and here lies our root in God’s help for all eternity. The essence of independence is the ability to defend ourselves by ourselves, because if we do not defend ourselves, no one will do so in our place. Precisely because of this power and the capabilities we have lost, more and more countries want to be close to us, and that is precisely why our relations with the countries of the world are in an unprecedented boom. “

“Council head Shimon Suissa and the staff of the council congratulate Azriel Shilat, the winner of the World Bible for Jewish Youth, for the year 2011. Azriel brings great honor to the Hazor Haglilit community and is an inspiration for other students who will aspire to such distinguished achievements.”

Mayor of Kiryat Motzkin, Haim Tzuri, congratulated Uriah Cohen and said that she has brought honor to the city on the global level. “I am so proud, knowledgeable and values ​​intertwined, and for this the greetings of Kiryat Motzkin to Uriah and the teaching staff.

Last year, Sagiv Lugasi, 15, from Ma’alot, was awarded the prize. Lugasi became the first secular Bible gamer in 30 years, and the youth quiz was first held in 1963 and since then has become one of the main symbols of Independence Day, prior to the world finals, the contestants underwent three preliminary stages in the school, the district and the national competition. Hundreds of students from all over the country.


“The Bible is a national asset that does not belong to the religious, but to the entire Jewish people,” Bennett said. “Herzl succeeded, against all odds, in bringing to his Congress representatives from all the Jewish communities. Eastern Europe and Western Europe, the Muslim world and the Christian world, from the United States and from Israel, and thanks to this union, the Zionist project was on its way.”


Credits: כאן כאן חדשות משרד החינוך משרד התרבות והספורט נפתלי בנט – Naftali Bennett Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו

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