Data Science & Deep Learning Interview Preparation Book (free)

By Shlomo Kashani

In this practical data science interview preparation hand- book , you will face challenging interview questions in Data Science, Statistical Machine Learning, Probability, Statistics and Deep Learning. I have dedicated countless hours after work assembling this booklet, hoping to help candidates excel at their data science interview.

CHAPTER 2: Logistic Regression

This booklet contains numerous data science interview questions. The focus lies primarily on developing an understanding of the principles and concepts underlying practical data science. I have not chased mathematical harshness and pureness, but in its place emphasize prac- tical everyday use (for a more scientifically pure analysis, please refer to the bibliography). Although machine learning is applied in a very broad range of domains, this booklet focuses on the application in RTB, Ad-tech, User Retention, CyberSecurity, Quantitative Finance, Kaggle- competitions and Computer Vision.


CHAPTER 2: Logistic Regression

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