AI Data Science Summit JLM 2019

We are happy to announce the AI Data Science Summit, May 21, 2019 at Jerusalem International Convention Center. The Summit brings together over 1,000 researchers, data scientists and developers from academia and industry to discuss state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, data science, applied machine learning and predictive applications. It features over 50 talks of leading experts and researchers in these fields.

The 2019 conference will focus on the main challenges of AI and how they apply to the real world. The conference will feature a main venue and 4 parallel industry tracks for technical presentations, as well as a tutorial. Following last year’s great success, this year we will again have a separate research track, dedicated to recent research innovations. The conference serves as an excellent setting for participants to demonstrate the application of their work in rich real-world domains. Accordingly, we are inviting authors to submit proposals on a broad spectrum of research and application topics that include, but are not restricted to:

Future of AI
Autonomous driving, Dialogue Bots and Intelligent robots.

Innovation in AI methods
Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning, Natural Language Understanding, Automation of Machine-Learning.

Big Data Analytics
Systems for ML, Large scale analytics, Continuous delivery and DevOps in the analytics space.

Analytics use cases in the following domains: Healthcare, IoT, Education, Fintech, Cyber & Retail.

Ethics of artificial intelligence
Robot rights, Threat to human dignity, Weaponization of AI, Machine ethics.

Five years ago we started the summit with little experience in organizing conference. We learned from each event, and this year we are delivering a very high-quality conference from both content and administrative perspectives.

Part of our improvement is thanks to helpful feedback from the participants. If you have any ideas or comments please feel free to contact us including for registration and sponsorship queries at:

See you at the Summit!


When? 21/05/19
Where? ICC Jerusalem ― International Convention Center
1 Shazar Boulevard, Jerusalem 9106001, Israel.

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