Migraine relief from an Israeli neuro-modulation device

Portable, wearable device will offer over-the-counter alternative to pills or surgery, to be used as needed. By Brian Blum Brian has been a journalist and high-tech entrepreneur for over 20 years. He combines this expertise for ISRAEL21c as he writes about hot new local startups, pharmaceutical advances, scientific discoveries, culture, the arts and daily life in … Continue reading Migraine relief from an Israeli neuro-modulation device

A praiseworthy article for my cousin Avihu’s project. Israeli pride!

Meet Avihu, the guy who dedicates his life to the rescue of wild animals. Instead of a living room and a guest room - Avihu turned his home into a sanctuary for wounded animals from all over Israel. Parrots, turtles, possums, hedgehogs - all get treatment and a safe place to call home while they heal. Watch … Continue reading A praiseworthy article for my cousin Avihu’s project. Israeli pride!

NANO.2018.IL • The Annual Nanotechnology Conference 2018

By Nano IL Conference and Exhibitionhttps://nanoilconf.com/ We were pleased to participated in the nanotechnology conference NANO.IL.2018 which presented the beginning of industrial revolutions in various fields such as agriculture, military and security, medicine, energy and fast loading and more. The conference concluded a decade for the National Nanotechnology Program, demonstrating the ability to transform academic findings … Continue reading NANO.2018.IL • The Annual Nanotechnology Conference 2018

Salute to our heroes

עושים כבוד ללוחמים פצועים | Honor the wounded warriors*** אות לב הארגמן (Purple Heart) הוא עיטור צבאי אמריקאי המוענק בשמו של נשיא ארצות הברית לאנשי כוחות צבא ארה"ב אשר נפצעו או נהרגו בפעילות מבצעית, תוך כדי לחימה ובעת קרב, החל מה-5 באפריל 1917 ועד היום. אות לב הארגמן הוא אחד העיטורים הוותיקים ביותר המוענק כיום … Continue reading Salute to our heroes

The hub of the world

Jerusalem Day is the holiday of the State of Israel*** Jerusalem celebrates 51 years since the liberation of the city. As every year, this year, too, the people of Israel merited to celebrate with a majority and a majesty of the king, from the traditional flag dance, through the state ceremony at Ammunition Hill to … Continue reading The hub of the world

The mathematical beauty

The direct connection between design and mathematics*** "What will I do with this life?"For almost every high school student or student in the Faculty of Exact Sciences, this thought crossed his mind. For every student who has experienced frustration at mathematics studies at school and for every student who has had to break his teeth … Continue reading The mathematical beauty

The greatness Israeli explanation

The Israeli explanation race to the world*** The Giro d'Italia (pronounced in Italian: Giro d'Italia), or, in short, the Giro, is the second most important road bike race in the world after the Tour de France. The Giro is held in Italy every year in early May. The length of the route is about 3,500 … Continue reading The greatness Israeli explanation

Excellence is a way of life

President's Award for Israel's 70th year*** On Thursday morning, a reception was held for officers and outstanding soldiers for the year 2018 at the President's Residence in Jerusalem. The ceremony was attended by President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, members of the General Staff … Continue reading Excellence is a way of life

The Book of the Eternal Books

The 70th World Bible Contest for the State of Israel*** Four Israelis are all in the first place in the World Bible Contest for Youth. In the state education system Irad Herman, a high school student together with Modi'in, a resident of Modi'in, won first place. His deputy is Ofek Avraham, an ORT student in … Continue reading The Book of the Eternal Books

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